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A 25-member communications task force, made up of representatives from all the division’s schools, the school board, regional office, transportation services and information technology services, developed Pembina Hills Public Schools’ first communications plan.

The task force’s work was informed by the What we heard report, which captured input gathered through an internal communications audit. People shared their perspectives about the strengths and weaknesses of Pembina Hills Public Schools communications through 40 + interviews, five focus groups and an online survey completed by 104 people.

Communications Services  
Suzanne Lundrigan
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Pam Golden
Administrative Assistant
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Members 2015-2016 Communications Task Force 

Brett Cooper, Director ADLC
Steven Montgomery, Teacher BCHS
Prakash Raju, Associate Principal BCHS
Dale Bujold, Principal Barrhead Elementary School
Claire Stitsen, Program Assistant Busby
Sharon Sloat, Teacher Dunstable
Tracy Dezaeyer, Parent Dunstable
Lorna Hiemstra, Principal Dunstable
Don Hinks, Principal Eleanor Hall School
Charlene Assenheimer, Principal Fort Assiniboine School
Kim Sybesma, Associate Principal NPCS
Jason Wiks, Associate Principal PNCS
Karen Gabel, Administrative Assistant Colony Schools
Angie Bachand, Associate Principal RF Staples
Sheila Gardiner, Principal Swan Hills
Sherry Lantz-Cooper, Administrative Assistant Vista Virtual
Claire Vincent, Teacher Westlock Elementary 
Jennifer Teefy, Administrative Assistant Facilities & Transportation
Veronica Lindquist, Employee Services Coordinator 
Alex Mottus, Director of IT Services
Annette Bokenfohr, Trustee
Lorraine Allison, Accountant
Tracy Meunier, Secretary Treasurer
Elaine Latawiec, Assistant Coordinator Business & Communication Services
Pam Golden, Administrative Assistant Business & Communication Services

Process and timelines: Developing the division communications plan

Internal audit: September to October, 2016
Suzanne Lundrigan, Pam Golden and Elaine Latawiec conducted an audit to gather people’s views about the strengths and weaknesses of the division’s communications. This involved interviewing 40+ key communicators; an online survey completed by 104 people and five focus groups.

Audit report: Published Nov. 30, 2016
The What we heard report captured input gathered through interviews, focus groups and the online survey.

Establish communications task force: November 2016
A 25-member task force, made up of representatives of all the division’s schools, the school board and several service areas, met four times to develop the communications plan. Their work was informed by the What we heard report, what they heard from their representative constituencies and their own insight.

School board adopts the 2016-2017 plan: Feb. 24