employee services

Employee Services 

Employee Services contributes to the Board's Education Plan through the provision of support strategies within the goals.  We believe that our greatest contribution and challenge is ensuring Division Staff are flexible, highly qualified, motivated and are passionate about helping students to learn.

David Garbutt
Assistant Superintendent of
Employee Services and 
Facilities & Transportation

Tel: 780-674-8507
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Veronica Lindquist
Employee Services Coordinator

Tel: 780-674-8533
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Charlotte Watson
Employee Services - Certificated Staff

Tel: 780-674-8517
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Tiffany Nanninga
Employee Services - Support Staff /
Substitute and Casual Staff

Tel: 780-674-8514
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Chris Sonnenberg
Payroll - Support Staff

Tel: 780-674-8532
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Sophie MacKenzie
Payroll - Certificated Staff

Tel: 780-674-8516
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