Westlock North Area Schools

Westlock North Public Consultation

May 9, 2012

Given the declining enrolment at three (3) Westlock North Schools, Dapp, Jarvie and W.R. Frose, and the distance between the school facilities, the Pembina Hills Regional School Board held the April 18, 2012 Community Consultation to explore future alternatives aimed at maximizing educational opportunities for students.

Thank you to the 280 citizens who attended the April 18, 2012 Community Consultations which were held at the Jarvie Community Hall regarding the Westlock North Schools. The following compilation of community input gathered at the afternoon and evening sessions was officially received by the Board of Trustees of Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7 at their May 9, 2012 Regular Board Meeting.

  1. Background Information Handbook - This background information was prepared collaboratively by Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7 Regional Office and the School Councils of Dapp - Jarvie and W.R. Frose.  The intent of this package is to provide information to stakeholders.

  2. Recorder Data for the afternoon and evening sessions – Participants were asked a series of four (4) focussed questions, with the aim of providing advice to the Board regarding three (3) alternatives or to provide a new alternative.

  3. Key Messages gathered from participants during the afternoon and evening sessions – Groups were asked to identify three (3) key messages that the group would like to recommend pertaining to the alternatives presented or any new alternatives they developed.  The key messages were posted on the wall.  Participants were given three (3) dots each to place beside the key message(s) they felt were most important.  The number of dots placed beside each key message was recorded.

  4. Additional questions from the afternoon and evening sessions – In addition to the responses given on the focussed questions, some groups made additional questions/comments.  These are captured in the additional question documents.

  5. Parking Lot for the afternoon and evening sessions – individual and groups were invited to post questions/comments in a parking lot section that was posted on the wall.  The Board will consider the parking lot input and address at a later date.