Westlock North Area Schools

Westlock North Task Force

May 9, 2012 - February 27, 2013

At the May 9, 2012 Regular Board Meeting, the Board also discussed next steps to the process and passed a motion to establish a task force for the purpose of providing advice to the Board regarding a long range plan for educating students in the communities served by Dapp, Jarvie and W.R. Frose Schools.

The Task Force will be comprised of 7-10 representatives, including the following:

1. A School Council representative from each of the communities served (i.e. a school council representative from each of the areas of Dapp, Jarvie, and W.R. Frose Schools)
2. The Principals of Dapp, Jarvie, and W.R. Frose Schools
3. An Independent Task Force Leader who will be chosen jointly by the members of the Task Force and the Board. 
4. The Task Force will consider if they wish to invite one (1) additional community member from each of the communities served by Dapp, Jarvie, and W.R. Frose Schools.

The Task Force will establish their work plan, which will include the following key components:

1. Purpose
2. Required resources
3. Actions to be undertaken
4. Timeline

The Task Force’s advice to the Board will be based on the following principles:

1. Will it maximize educational opportunities for our children?
2. Will it be sustainable?
3. Does it utilize our limited resources in the best possible way for our children?
4. Is it realistic?

As the Task Force undertakes the work plan, they will have the ability to invite resource people as required to provide necessary information.

The Board is committed to sharing the input the community provided to them during the consultation and look forward to the advice of the Task Force.  It is anticipated that this advice will be given before the end of 2012.

Ultimately the decision about the future of these schools rests with the School Board.  The principles that will guide the Board’s decision making in this will be those listed above.

The Board thanks the public for sharing their thoughts as we work towards a solution to this challenge.

Task Force Facilitator contract was awarded to Sig Schmold.

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