Secret pals gift exchange sweetens February at Dunstable School

This February, Dunstable School is reinforcing the virtues of kindness and friendship and celebrating Valentine’s Day with a school-wide secret pal gift exchange. 
On Feb. 2 every student and adult put their name into a jar. Everybody drew a name, identifying the person who will be their secret pal for the next two weeks.

On Feb. 6, 7, 8, 13 and Feb. 14, students and staff will bring their secret pal a small gift. “It can be a little trinket from the Dollar Store, homemade cookies, a picture you drew for your pal...just something small,” said principal Tammy Tkachuk. “On Valentine’s Day we will have a big reveal. And we try to guess who our secret pal was.”  

A Dunstable tradition, Tkachuk says Secret pals “is a wonderful way to build school spirit and practice the values of kindness, caring, appreciation and friendship.” Drop by the school website Feb. 14 for Reveal Day pictures.

Halee Demone picks a name from the bucket held by Dunstable administrative assistant Ehren Dubovsky.

Published Feb. 7, 2017